As you know well, the 8th EKC will begin very soon on 22 July.

Among the budgetary items, the expenses for food is by far the largest one. Managing well the budget dedicated to meals may save substantial money or we will all loose money, as the EKC budget concerns every one. Your cooperation for strict control of food budget is crucial for the financial balance of this meeting. Please consult again the EKC website and register your (and your families) meal participations (or cancellation) and food  choices before 15 July. After this date, no food will be available for those who did not register, and no cancellation will be possible. On the other hand, those who have registered for meal and do not take meal as registered will meet a penalty (no financial support at all). Each food coupon has a unique identification number and we shall examine very closely the good usage of registration/cancellation and food choices.

Let us remind you again that lunchs at conference site will be provided only to attendants and not to families. For exceptional cases where the family members have no other choice but to eat in the conference place (disabled person requiring attendant’s assistance, etc.), please write an email to the managing director before 15 July, wait for the organiser’s decision, and only when accepted, the family will be able to eat at the venue  (so far we have one exceptional case reported  and accepted ).

If you have question please let the organizer know.

Counting upon your kind cooperation, we wish you all the bests.


EKC Organiser

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